ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of these principles is to encourage Bezmialem Vakıf University's open access publishing in order to increase the impact and national / international visibility of the research findings and to support the removal of obstacles in the scientific communication process.


ARTICLE 2- (1) This Code of Practice covers the academic studies that are supported directly or indirectly by our university or published by the academic staff of our university while carrying on the task at our university, and ensures that the academic studies (articles, book / book chapters, thesis, projects, reports, conference notices / presentations, technical documents, data sets, posters, video recordings etc.) are all archived in the Bezmialem Vakıf University Corporate Academic Archive system.


ARTICLE 3- (1) This text of principles has been prepared based on the provisions of the Higher Education Law numbered 2547; 4 / c, 12 / c, 42 / d article and the Higher Education Open Access and Corporate Archive Policy.


ARTICLE 4- (1) In these procedures and principles;

a) Open Access: Researchers can access the full texts of scientific publications free of charge via the public Internet without financial, legal or technical obstacles,

b) Academic Studies: Studies of Bezmialem Vakıf University members resulting from their research, funds and creative activities,

c) Academic Archive: Collating publications archived in the Corporate Academic Archives centrally and making them open to access,

d) Embargo: The research results are kept closed for a certain period (6-12 months) and the full text of a publication stored in the archive can be "closed" to access,

e) Archiving: The process of storing academic studies in the Corporate Academic Archive system,

f) Bezmialem Vakıf University Members: In this text, Bezmialem Vakıf University Academicians, Staff and Students are named as "Bezmialem Vakıf University Members".

g) Immediate Archiving / Optional Access: The process of urgently archiving peer-reviewed forms of academic studies in the Corporate Academic Archive system and making them available for access,

h) Corporate Academic Archive: The open access system to be established within Bezmialem Vakıf University, where academic studies produced in higher education institutions are archived and made available to open access,

i) Copyright: It is within their "special rights" to allow the use of all kinds of original works in literary, scientific and artistic fields by their rightful owner for others. The copying or use of the information resources in the Information Center collections is carried out in accordance with the "Copyright Law" ,

j) University: Refers to Bezmialem Vakif University,

k) Metadata: Refers to the identifiers used for the identification, monitoring, use and management of the stored publication (As identifier: title of the publication, author (s), institution, name of the journal from which the publication is accepted).

Working principles

ARTICLE 5- (1) With the arrangement of these principles, it is aimed to;

a) Gather up and establish academic studies (articles, book / book chapters, thesis, projects, reports, conference papers / presentations, technical documents, data sets, posters, video recordings, etc.) produced by academicians in our university in printable and electronic media and whose publication copyright is free, in the Corporate Academic Archive system within the university in accordance with international open access standards,

b) Ensure that the academic outputs produced in our university are collected, organized and stored for a long period through the Academic Archive, and that the amount is determined, and that they are made available to all national and international users,

c) Share our university's open access data with the National and International Corporate Open Academic Archive systems through the Open Archive System to be established within our university.

d) Present shared scientific studies to serve the global scientific environment in accordance with open access standards.

e) Ensure the long-term compilation of academic studies produced within our university in accordance with open access standards and their preservation in Corporate Academic Archives.

f) Ensure that academic studies (articles, book / book chapters, thesis, projects, reports, conference notifications / presentations, technical documents, data sets, posters, video recordings etc.), as well as thesis and Scientific Research Projects etc. are archived.

g) Increase the visibility of the academic studies produced by Bezmialem Vakıf University and its members. Basic Principles


(1) The citation information and / or full texts of all the articles of our university faculty members that have passed the referee evaluation will be kept in the Corporate Academic Archive of our University.

(2) The latest versions of all academic studies to which Bezmialem Vakif University Member contributed intellectually are stored in the Corporate Academic Archive of Bezmialem Vakif University. Some individual studies that are limited or completely blocked due to embargo, broadcast copyrights, etc. circumstances are beyond this principle.

(3) The following processes will be followed to support access to article versions at the highest level:

a) Copyrights: Access to full text (fulltext), pre-print (pre-print) of scientific outputs in the Research Database is determined by reference to SHERPA / ROMEO and according to the publisher and embargo periods. Among these publications, those with restrictions due to the publisher and the embargo period are accessible at the end of the embargo period. Publications cannot be sold or used in any format or medium without the official permission of the copyright holder.

b) Archiving: The University member must inform the Corporate Academic Archive so that the version of the manuscript approved to be published in an academic journal after being reviewed by a referee can be archived in the Corporate Academic Archive if the publication copyright is appropriate.

c) Open Access (Open Access at the End of the Embargo Period): Considering the agreements and archiving options carried out with the publishers by authors who are Bezmialem Vakıf University Members, access to the studies is applied under two headings: "public access" and "open access at the end of the embargo period" (embargo period should not exceed 12 months).

d) Licensing: Within the legal conditions, each university member approves the storage in the Corporate Academic Archive system with an international license agreement in a way that does not violate the terms of the agreements it has carried out with the publishers. This practice is followed by the Rector or a Vice Rector who is to be appointed by the Rector and the Library and Documentation Directorate.

e) Storage Responsibility for Studies with Multiple Authors: Members of our university can store their work from more than one institution in cooperation with more than one author in the University's Corporate Academic Archive system.

(4) Bezmialem Vakıf University Members can have access to the full texts of the pre-print, final print or publisher version of the publication through the Corporate Academic Archive in accordance with the conditions permitted by the publisher.

(5) Master's and PhD thesis, Specialization in Medicine, Minor Specialization in Medicine, Specialization in Dentistry and Specialization in Pharmacy carried out within Bezmialem Vakıf University will be stored in the Corporate Academic Archive system.

(6) Researchers who want to publish their studies or obtain patents for their inventions may submit their research to the Corporate Academic Archive under delayed conditions, and these publications are automatically made available at the end of the period.

(7) When metadata of copyrighted studies are available, they should be archived as soon as possible and these metadata are available in the Corporate Academic Archive system from the moment of archiving.

(8) Bezmialem Vakıf University Library and Documentation Directorate works in coordination with the members of the university, within the knowledge of the Academic Archive Commission, and to compile and archive the publications in the Corporate Academic Archive system in accordance with the standards.

(9) Bezmialem Vakıf University Library and Documentation Directorate prepares informative guides and carries out the necessary promotional and informatory activities in order to inform Bezmialem Vakıf University Members about the Corporate Open Access System.

(10) Bezmialem Vakıf University Library and Documentation Directorate carries out the agreements and cooperation studies to be conducted with the other universities and institutions for the Corporate Open Access System study to be submitted to the Rectorate.

(11) Institute Directorates sign the permission form during the submission of the thesis in order to store the graduate theses in the Corporate Open Access System and submit it to open access, and receive the thesis with the printed and electronic copies. The Institute Directorates sends electronic copies of the thesis and signature forms to the Library and Documentation Directorate for archiving in the Corporate Open Access System within 1 month at the latest after their acceptance.

(12) The Library and Documentation Directorate evaluates the monthly information received through Avesis (Academic Data and Performance Management System).

(13) It informs the relevant Faculty Deanships, Library and Documentation Directorate after the delivery process of the Thesis’s of Specialization in Medicine, Minor Specialization in Medicine, Specialization in Dentistry that are produced out within the Faculty Deanships.

(14) Bezmialem Vakıf University Information Technologies Directorate coordinates the establishment, updating, backing up of the Corporate Academic Archive systems and data transfers to the Open Archive System within open access standards. Application


(1) The Bezmialem Vakıf University Rectorate will be responsible for the implementation of Open Access and Corporate Archive Implementation Principles and will undertake the executive role in resolving disputes that may arise when necessary and on changes that occur in policy.

(2) The Bezmialem Vakif University Corporate Academic Archive Commission to be established by the Rectorate consists of the following staff:

a) Under the presidency of the Rector or the Vice Rector to be appointed, b) The Dean or the Vice Dean to be appointed by each faculty c) Institute Representative d) Corporate Academic Archive Specialist determined by Bezmialem Vakıf University Library and Documentation Directorate e) A staff member from Bezmialem Vakif University Information Technologies Directorate

(3) The Corporate Academic Archive commission is obliged to carry out an evaluation of the policy every year within the first three years and every three years at the end of these three years following the validation of the Bezmialem Vakıf University Open Access and Corporate Academic Archive Application Principles. The Commission is responsible for revising or changing the policy when it deems necessary.


ARTICLE 8- (1) These Implementation Principles are enforced with the Senate's decision dated 02.05.2019 and numbered 8 Effectuation

ARTICLE 9- (1) These procedures and principles are carried out by the Rector of Bezmialem Vakif University.