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      N-acylsulphonamides [1]
      N3 [1]
      Naci B., Ozyilmaz S., Aygutalp N., Demir R., Baltaci G., Yigit Z., -Effects of Kinesio Taping and compression stockings on pain, edema, functional capacity and quality of life in patients with chronic venous disease: a randomized controlled trial.-, Clinical rehabilitation, cilt.34, ss.783-793, 2020 [1]
      NAFLD [1]
      NAFLD/NASH [1]
      Nalcaci R., Temel B., Cokakoglu S., Turkkahraman H., Usumez S., -Effects of Laser Etching on Shear Bond Strengths of Brackets Bonded to Fluorosed Enamel-, NIGERIAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PRACTICE, cilt.20, ss.545-551, 2017 [1]
      nano drug delivery [1]
      NARIN A., ALPOZGEN A., Kulli H., -Effects of matrix rhythm therapy on primary lymphedema: a case report.-, Journal of physical therapy science, cilt.28, ss.2418-21, 2016 [1]
      Narrowband ultraviolet B. [1]
      Nas K., Kiliç E., Tekeoğlu İ., Keskin Y., Çevik R., Sargin B., Acer K., Alkan H., Sahin N., Cengiz G., et al., -The effect of gender on disease activity and clinical characteristics in patients with axial psoriatic arthritis.-, Modern rheumatology, ss.1-14, 2020 [1]
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      Nas O. F. , Kacar E., Kaya A., Erdogan C., Hakyemez B., -Modified Y-configured stents with the waffle-cone technique by use of Solitaire (R) stent for patients with wide-necked bifurcation aneurysms-, JAPANESE JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY, cilt.33, ss.503-508, 2015 [1]
      Nas O. F. , Kacar E., Kaya A., Erdogan C., Hakyemez B., -Rare use of twin Solitaire (R) stents in the double waffle-cone technique for endovascular treatment of a wide-necked bifurcation aneurysm-, INTERVENTIONAL NEURORADIOLOGY, cilt.21, ss.167-170, 2015 [1]
      Nas O. F. , Kacar E., Kaya A., Erdogan C., Hakyemez B., -Retrieval of a dislocated coil and stent-assisted coiling by Solitaire (R) stent during endovascutar treatment of an intracraniat aneurysm-, DIAGNOSTIC AND INTERVENTIONAL IMAGING, cilt.97, ss.379-382, 2016 [1]
      nasal [1]
      Nasal bone reshaping [1]
      nasal lavage [1]
      neopterin. [1]
      nephrotic syndrome [1]
      Nerve paralysis [1]