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dc.contributor.advisorELMALI, Nurzat
dc.contributor.advisorERDOĞAN, Özcan
dc.contributor.authorKARAKOÇ, MİRAÇ NEVZAT
dc.descriptionThesis (Doctoral)--Bezmialem Vakıf University, Department of Disaster Medicine, Istanbul, 2020tr_TR
dc.description.abstractDisaster management can be considered as a plan that covers multiple disciplines, requires special areas of expertise and involves proper use of the resources. One of the most important steps in these disciplines is the health services during disasters, which have direct effect on minimizing the loss of lives. The purpose of this research is to develop and apply the underground hospital model for uninterrupted operation of medical responses and increasing capacities of the hospitals in case of mass injuries to arise from any natural disaster or war. It is intended to create a guideline for design and development of an underground hospital regarding existing or future hospitals in the event of disasters and emergencies. Therefore, underground hospital model has been designed and suggested for new hospital project of the Bezmialem Vakif University Faculty of Medicine Hospital. Design is based on the field hospitals that provide and use the fastest and modular health services in case of natural disaster or war. SWOT analysis and SWOT matrix studies were performed for the Underground Hospital Model and Field Hospital. Then, data has been collected to define a standard for the field hospitals by holding face to face meetings with the companies that generate and conceptualize projects for field hospitals and scanning the relevant literature. With the data obtained, standard levels as Standard Level I, Standard Level II, Standard Level III and Standard Level IV were defined for field hospitals and Area I, Area II, Area III and Area IV as their corresponding underground hospital area standards. These standard areas provided a basis for underground hospital models to be applied for parking lot and reserve areas for the future or existing hospitals. Ideal utilization matrix was developed by the xvii Level/Area standards via specified standard levels and area standards, and it is intended to evaluate the efficiency of the planned underground hospital model. For the underground hospital project to be suggested for application in the new hospital project of the Bezmialem Vakif University Faculty of Medicine Hospital, the project of the parking lot area to work on was obtained from Bezmialem Vakif University Directorate of Construction, which carries out project studies on the new faculty of medicine hospital to be built. A procedure containing 6 items was created to be followed while creating the underground hospital area model. Applying this procedure, two project studies as Project-1 and Project-2 were performed on the relevant area. The project called "Project-1" suggested application of the all units included, self contained Area IV model underground hospital. The project called "Project-2" stipulated and suggested that the medical care and medical care infrastructural capacity of the existing hospital can cover the underground hospitals if certain modifications are made on the Area IV model underground hospital, including the entire medical care service, and a study was performed by changing the Health Service unit placement. Underground Hospital Disaster Plan (YAHAP) has been prepared for Bezmialem University Faculty of Medicine Underground Hospital that was offered to be conceptualized for a project.tr_TR
dc.subjectAfet tıbbı = Disaster medicinetr_TR
dc.subjectAfet Tıbbi Anabilim Dalıtr_TR
dc.subjectDepartment of Disaster Medicinetr_TR
dc.subjectHastaneler = Hospitalstr_TR
dc.subjectİnşaat Mühendisliği = Civil Engineeringtr_TR
dc.titleAfet tıbbı açısından yeraltı hastaneleri modelinin geliştirilmesi: bezmialem vakıf Üniversitesi Tıp fakültesi yeraltı hastanesi projesi / Developing underground hospital models in terms of disaster medicine:Bezmialem Vakif University Faculty of medicine underground hospital projecttr_TR
dc.typeThesis Doctoralen
local.thesis.programnameAfet Tıbbı Anabilim Dalıtr_TR

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