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dc.contributor.authorAYDIN, SERDAR
dc.contributor.authorKILIÇ, GÖKHAN
dc.contributor.authorDANSUK, RAMAZAN
dc.contributor.authorGÖKMEN KARASU, AYŞE FİLİZ
dc.subjectAYDIN S., KILIÇ G., DANSUK R., GÖKMEN KARASU A. F. , -Is procidentia a distinct disease Comparison of risk factors-, 24TH EBCOG EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY, TORİNO, İtalya, 19 - 21 Mayıs 2016
dc.titleIs procidentia a distinct disease Comparison of risk factors
dc.typeConference Paper
dc.contributor.institutionauthorAYDIN, SERDAR

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