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    Effects of Mandatory School-time Practice on the Preparation of Vocational Medical College Students for their Profession
    (2015-12-01) Basaranoglu, GÖKÇEN; Yilmaz, SİNAN; BAKAN, Mefkur; Basaranoglu, METİN; BAŞARANOĞLU, GÖKÇEN; YILMAZ, SİNAN; BAŞARANOĞLU, METİN
    Objective: The goal of this study was to evaluate the effects of mandatory school-time practice on the preparation of second-year anesthesia nurse students for their future profession. Methods: A questionnaire was filled out by second-year anesthesia nurse students for situational awareness evaluation at the beginning of the term. The questionnaire form consisted of 19 questions and was prepared according to the basic practice on anesthesia course. Certain practical anesthesia procedures were obliged to make a certain minimum number for anesthesia nurse students. At the end of the year, the same questionnaire form was filled out again. Results: At the beginning of the study period, the ratio of students who did not feel were ready for their future professional life was 60%, whereas this ratio decreased to 20% by the end of the study period. Conclusion: Application of mandatory practical procedures for anesthesia nurse students seem to be very important in preparing them for their future professional life.