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    Buschke-Lowenstein tumor: Three pediatric cases
    (2016-08-01) Aydogdu, Ibrahim; UZUN, Ersan; Mirapoglu, SEMİH LÜTFİ; KILINCASLAN, Huseyin; Yildiz, PELİN; AYDOĞDU, İBRAHİM; MİRAPOĞLU, SEMİH LÜTFİ; YILDIZ, PELİN
    Buschke-Lowenstein tumor (BLT) is a verrucous lesion that grows slowly, causing regional infiltration and deformity. It is very rare during childhood and usually has a benign course. It is related to the human papilloma virus type 6 and type 11. Poor hygiene, chronic irritation, diabetes and impaired cellular immunity are other factors thought to play a role in the etiology of the disease. The first-choice treatment modality is total surgical excision. Herein we describe three cases to illustrate the success of total surgical excision via electrocautery in the treatment of BLT, and the excellent cosmetic outcome of the method.
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    Does ozone administration have a protective or therapeutic effect against radiotherapy-induced testicular injury
    (2019-03-01T00:00:00Z) Aydogdu, Ibrahim; Ilbey, YUSUF ÖZLEM; ÇOBAN, GANİME; Ekin, Rahmi Gokhan; Mirapoglu, Semih Lutfi; Cay, Ali; Kiziltan, Huriye Senay; Ekin, Zubeyde Yildirim; Silay, Mesrur Selcuk; SEMERCİ, MEHMET BÜLENT; AYDOĞDU, İBRAHİM; İLBEY, YUSUF ÖZLEM; ÇOBAN, GANİME; MİRAPOĞLU, SEMİH LÜTFİ; ÇAY, ALI; KIZILTAN, HURİYE ŞENAY
    Objective: We investigate the protective and therapeutic effects of ozone therapy (OT) in radiotherapy (RT)-induced testicular damage. Methods: Thirty healthy adult male Wistar rats divided into five groups consisting of six animals each as follows: (1) Control (C), (2) RT, (3) OT, (4) OT + RT, and (5) RT + OT group. Histopathological findings, Johnsen scores, thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS), glutathione (GSH), superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, and glutathione peroxidase (GPx) levels were evaluated. Results: RT caused a significant decrease in testicular weight and Johnsen score compared to the control group. In addition, TBARS level was significantly higher, whereas GSH, SOD, catalase, and GPx levels were significantly lower in the RT group when compared to the control group. Pre and postRT OT significantly increased GSH, SOD, catalase, and GPx levels and decreased TBARS level. Furthermore, testicular weight and Johnsen score were increased with OT. Conclusions: The present study showed that OT is protective and therapeutic in radiation-induced testicular damage. OT may be beneficial to the patients who underwent RT.
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    Male Circumcision: Unending Debate
    (2017-04-01) Aydogdu, Ibrahim; Mirapoglu, SEMİH LÜTFİ; KILINCASLAN, Huseyin; AYDOĞDU, İBRAHİM; MİRAPOĞLU, SEMİH LÜTFİ
    Circumcision, foreskin surrounds the penis called the glans pre-pusyum, mucous-covered means the removal by cutting a piece of skin. This process is probably the most discussed in the history of the world, is one of the oldest surgical procedures. Circumcision is primarily due to religious and cultural beliefs in certain parts of the world, while it is sometimes carried out in the absence of various medical indications. In this article, in our country, circumcision is being done very widely in the literature by examining the latest information on are summarized, and especially the debate about circumcision is intended to examine issues of.