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    İstanbul’da Satılan Dondurmaların Mikrobiyolojik Kalite ve Antibiyotik Dirençlerinin Belirlenmesi ve Halk Sağlığı Açısından Değerlendirilmesi
    (2023-03-15) Güneş Bayır A.; Erdoğan Ö.; Güçlü D.; Özkan B.; GÜNEŞ BAYIR, AYŞE; ERDOĞAN, ÖZCAN; GÜÇLÜ, DUYGU
    Ice cream is a kind of dessert consumed with various flavors. However, considering the nutrients of ice creams, it seems to be a good environment for the propagation of microorganisms. Therefore, it was aimed to determinate the microbiological quality of ice creams sold in the open according to Turkish Food Codex on Microbiological Criteria Regulation in this study. Microbiological quality of ice cream samples was evaluated in terms of public health risks and food unsafety which may occur during the production, storage and sales of ice creams. Seventy-five ice cream samples flavored with plain, fruit, and nuts were collected aseptically from 25 enterprises in Istanbul, Türkiye. The presence or absence and enumeration of Total Mesophilic Aerobic (TMA) bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella spp. were investigated using related media. The results were evaluated according to the Turkish Food Codex on Microbiological Criteria Regulation. S. aureus found in some ice cream samples was examined for antibiotic resistance against 7 different antibiotics. About a third of all ice cream samples (32%; n=8) from 25 enterprises were found as ‘safe’ in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex on Microbiological Criteria Regulation in terms of public health. The TMA bacteria was determined %88 (n=22) in plain ice creams, %64 (n=16) in fruit ice creams and %92 (n=23) in nuts ice creams. Enterobacteriaceae were found 40% (n=10) of plain ice creams, 12% (n=3) of fruits and 40% (n=10) of nuts. Multiple antibiotic resistance was determined for S. aureus in only one enterprises\"s nuts flavored ice cream. Salmonella spp. was not found in any of collected ice cream samples. Ice creams sold in the open was seen that the microbiological quality of less than half of the enterprises was not at the desired level. Possibly, the unhygienic conditions of production, transportation and sale are eroding the food safety of this delicious dessert. According to the findings of our study, the high prevalence of microbial contamination in ice cream sold in the open may poses a risk to public health. Keywords: Ice cream, microbiological quality, public health, food safety.
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    Determination of Microbiological Quality of Ice Cream Sold in Istanbul and Their Evaluation in Terms of Public Health
    (2022-12-01) Güçlü D.; Güneş Bayır A.; Erdoğan Ö.; Özkan B.; GÜÇLÜ, DUYGU; GÜNEŞ BAYIR, AYŞE; ERDOĞAN, ÖZCAN
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    İstanbul Piyasasında Açıkta Satışa Sunulan Dondurmalarda Listeria monocytogenes Varlığının ve Antibiyotik Direncinin İncelenmesi
    (2023-12-01) Güneş Bayır A.; Erdoğan Ö.; Güçlü D.; Özkan B.; GÜNEŞ BAYIR, AYŞE; ERDOĞAN, ÖZCAN; GÜÇLÜ, DUYGU