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PublicationOpen Access

COVİD-19 infection in a membranous nephropathy patient treated with rituximab.

2020-09-04T00:00:00Z, Elcioglu, Omer Celal, Artan, Ayse Serra, Mirioglu, Safak, Gursu, Meltem, Durdu, Bulent, Koc, Meliha Meric, Okyaltirik, Fatmanur, Gultekin, Mehmet Ali, Kazancioglu, Rümeyza, ELÇİOĞLU, ÖMER CELAL, MİRİOĞLU, ŞAFAK, GÜRSU, MELTEM, DURDU, BÜLENT, MERİÇ KOÇ, MELİHA, OKYALTIRIK, FATMANUR, GÜLTEKİN, MEHMET ALİ, KAZANCIOĞLU, RÜMEYZA

While COVID-19 pandemic continues to afect our country and most countries in the world, we have to make some changes both in our social life and our approach to healthcare. We have to struggle with the pandemic on one hand and also try to follow up and treat our patients with chronic diseases in the most appropriate way. In this period, one of our group of patients who are challenging us for follow-up and treatment are those who should start or continue to use immunosuppressive therapy. In order to contribute to the accumulation of knowledge in this area, we wanted to report a patient who was followed up with the diagnosis of COVID-19 and had been administered rituximab very recently due to a nephrotic syndrome caused by membranous nephropathy.

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PublicationOpen Access

Middle-term outcomes in renal transplant recipients with COVID-19: a national, multicenter, controlled study

2022-02-01T00:00:00Z, Oto, Özgür Akın, Öztürk, Savaş, Arıcı, Mustafa, Velioğlu, Arzu, Dursun, Belda, Guller, Nurana, Şahin, İdris, Eser, Zeynep Ebru, Paydaş, Saime, Trabulus, Sinan, Koyuncu, Sumeyra, Uyar, Murathan, Ural, Zeynep, Sadioglu, Rezzan Eren, Dheir, Hamad, Koc, Neriman Sila, Ozer, Hakan, Durak, Beyza Algul, Gul, Cuma Bulent, Kasapoglu, Umut, Oguz, Ebru Gok, Tanrisev, Mehmet, Kuzgun, Gulsah Sasak, Mirioğlu, Şafak, Dervisoglu, Erkan, Erken, Ertugrul, Gorgulu, Numan, Ozkurt, Sultan, Aydin, Zeki, Kurultak, Ilhan, Ogutmen, Melike Betul, Bakirdogen, Serkan, Kaya, Burcu, Karadag, Serhat, Ulu, Memnune Sena, Gungor, Ozkan, Bakir, Elif Ari, Odabas, Ali Riza, Seyahi, Nurhan, Yildiz, Alaattin, Ates, Kenan, MİRİOĞLU, ŞAFAK

Background In this study, we evaluated 3-month clinical outcomes of kidney transplant recipients (KTR) recovering from COVID-19 and compared them with a control group. Method The primary endpoint was death in the third month. Secondary endpoints were ongoing respiratory symptoms, need for home oxygen therapy, rehospitalization for any reason, lower respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, biopsy-proven acute rejection, venous/arterial thromboembolic event, cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection/disease and BK viruria/viremia at 3 months. Results A total of 944 KTR from 29 different centers were included in this study (523 patients in the COVID-19 group; 421 patients in the control group). The mean age was 46 +/- 12 years (interquartile range 37-55) and 532 (56.4%) of them were male. Total number of deaths was 8 [7 (1.3%) in COVID-19 group, 1 (0.2%) in control group; P = 0.082]. The proportion of patients with ongoing respiratory symptoms [43 (8.2%) versus 4 (1.0%); P Conclusion The prevalence of ongoing respiratory symptoms increased in the first 3 months post-COVID in KTRs who have recovered from COVID-19, but mortality was not significantly different.