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    • A New Signal Processing Toolbox and Real-Time EMG and ECG Analysis 

      Ozkan, Haydar; Ural, Ebrar Selva; Kalender, Aleyna; Tuncer, Fatma Elif (1.01.2018)
      Biomedical signals acquisition, processing and visualizing with accurate and high quality play a very important role in the diagnosis of many diseases. For this purpose, in this study, a one-dimensional signal processing ...
    • A Novel Actual Time Cyber Security Approach to Smart Grids 

      Buyuk, Oguzhan Oktay; Camurcu, Ali Yilmaz (1.01.2018)
      The purpose of this paper was to develop a novel actual time cyber security approach to smart grids. The developed way securely backed the smart meters among smart grids against external attacks in a distribution substation. ...
    • A Novel Application to Increase Energy Efficiency Using Artificial Neural Networks 

      Buyuk, Oguzhan Oktay; Bilgin, Sevgi Nur (28.01.2016)
      In this paper, a novel system application to recover electricity losses using an unsupervised learning, self-learning mapping mechanism is introduced. Actually, energy and its transmission are becoming a vital issue for ...