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    • Affective Temperaments in Epilepsy 

      YAZICI, Esra; YAZICI, Ahmet Bulent; Aydin, Nazan; Varoglu, Asuman Orhan; Kirpinar, Ismet (2012-09-01)
      Affective temperaments in epilepsy
    • Comparing ECT data of two different inpatient clinics: propofol or thiopental? 

      YAZICI, Esra; BOSGELMEZ, Sukriye; Tas, Halil Ibrahim; KARABULUT, Umit; YAZICI, Ahmet Bulent; YILDIZ, MUSTAFA; Kirpinar, Ismet (2013-10-01)
      Objective. This study compares the data of (modified) electroconvulsive theraphy (ECT) applications from two different inpatient clinics in Turkey: Kocaeli Derince Training and Research Hospital (Clinic-I) and Kocaeli ...
    • Temperament and Character Traits in Patients With Epilepsy Epileptic Personality 

      YAZICI, Esra; YAZICI, Ahmet Bulent; Aydin, Nazan; Orhan, Asuman; Kirpinar, Ismet; Acemoglu, Hamit (2013-05-01)
      Personality and behavioral changes in epilepsy are well documented. However, neither the quantitative characteristics nor the etiology of these changes is clear yet. Cloninger has developed a psychobiological personality ...