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    • A rare case of paralysis in an endemic area 

      YARDIMCI, Bulent; KAZANCIOĞLU, RÜMEYZA (2015-01-01)
      Thyrotoxicosis mostly presents with tachycardia, tremor, weight loss and other hypermetabolism signs. However, there are other unusual signs of thyrotoxicosis such as paralysis. This unusual clinical presentation may ...
    • Idiopathic Systemic Capillary Leak Syndrome: A Case Report 

      YARDIMCI, Bulent; Kazancioglu, RÜMEYZA (2016-02-01)
      Introduction: Idiopathic systemic capillary leak syndrome (ISCLS) is rarely seen, and presents with recurrent episodes of hypotension, shock, hemoconcentration, and hypoproteinemia. The main pathology is the dysfunction ...
    • Is handgrip strength and key pinch measurement related with biochemical parameters of nutrition in peritoneal dialysis patients? 

      YARDIMCI, Bulent; SUMNU, Abdullah; KAYA, Ibrahim; Gursu, MELTEM; Aydın, Zeki; KARADAG, Serhat; UZUN, Sami; tatlı, Emel; OZTURK, Savas; CETINUS, Ercan; Kazancioglu, RÜMEYZA (2015-07-01)
      Backgrounds & objective: End-stage renal disease (ESRD) frequently causes Protein Energy Wasting (PEW), which is an important morbidity and mortality factor. Although it is difficult to assess PEW with a reliable method, ...