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    • Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma with diffuse thoracic skin metastasis: A case report 

      ALTINAY, Serdar; TAS, Betul; OZEN, Aynur; Sut, PELİN (2014-06-01)
      Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma is a significantly fatal endocrine neoplasm, with an average survival time of 4-12 months following diagnosis. The present study reports the case of a 57-year-old male patient who presented to ...
    • Bullous pilomatricoma 

      OZKAYA, Dilek Biyik; Su, Ozlem; TASKIN, Banu; TAS, Betul; SAR, Mehmet; Onsun, NAHİDE (2013-01-01)
    • Poxvirus-induced angiogenesis after a thermal burn 

      Biyik Ozkaya, DİLEK; TASKIN, Banu; TAS, Betul; ASIRAN SERDAR, Zehra; Demirkesen, Cuyan; Su, Ozlem; Onsun, NAHİDE (2014-09-01)
      Orf (contagious ecthyma) is a zoonotic infection caused by a dermatotropic parapoxvirus that commonly infects sheep, goats, and oxen. Parapoxviruses are transmitted to humans through contact with an infected animal or ...
    • Unilateral linear punctate palmar keratoderma 

      Biyik Ozkaya, DİLEK; TAS, Betul; Su, Ozlem; UNAL CAKITER, Alkim; Tosuner, ZEYNEP; Demirkesen, Cuyan; Onsun, NAHİDE (2014-05-01)