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    • To which countries do European psychiatric trainees want to move to and why? 

      Pinto da Costa, M.; Giurgiuca, A.; Holmes, K.; Biskup, E.; Mogren, T.; Tomori, S.; Kilic, ÖZGE; Banjac, V.; Molina-Ruiz, R.; Palumbo, C.; Frydecka, D.; Kaaja, J.; El-Higaya, E.; Kanellopoulos, A.; Amit, B. H.; Madissoon, D.; Andreou, E.; Uleviciute-Belena, I.; Rakos, I.; Dragasek, J.; Feffer, K.; Farrugia, M.; Mitkovic-Voncina, M.; Gargot, T.; Baessler, F.; Pantovic-Stefanovic, M.; De Picker, L. (2017-09-01)
      Background: There is a shortage of psychiatrists worldwide. Within Europe, psychiatric trainees can move between countries, which increases the problem in some countries and alleviates it in others. However, little is known ...