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    • Bone Mineral Density and Osteoporosis in Hyponatremic Versus Normonatremic Patients: A Retrospective 12-Month Analysis 

      TAKIR, Mumtaz; BAKAN, Ali; TAHRA, Sema Taymaz; KOSTEK, Osman; EREK, Aybala; DURAN, Ilyas; BAKAN, Sibel; Elcioglu, Omer Celal; BAHAT, Kubra; ODABAS, Ali Riza; KANBAY, Mehmet (2017-01-01)
      OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the change in osteoporosis rate and bone mineral density (BMD) in a cohort hyponatremic versus normonatremic patients under 12-month osteoporosis treatment.
    • Chronic rhinosinusitis, endothelial dysfunction, and atherosclerosis 

      Elcioglu, Omer Celal; AFSAR, Baris; BAKAN, Ali; TAKIR, Mumtaz; OZKOK, Abdullah; ORAL, Alihan; KOSTEK, Osman; BASCI, Semih; KANBAY, ASİYE; Toprak, Aybala Erek; BAHAT, Kubra Aydin; Kalcioglu, M. Tayyar; Kanbay, Mehmet (2016-05-01)
      Background: Chronic inflammation is associated with accelerated atherosclerosis, endothelial dysfunction (ED), and cardiovascular diseases. Because chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is an inflammatory disease, it may be associated ...
    • Hyperuricemia is associated with progression of IgA nephropathy 

      BAKAN, Ali; ORAL, Alihan; Elcioglu, Omer Celal; TAKIR, Mumtaz; KOSTEK, Osman; OZKOK, Abdullah; BASCI, Semih; SUMNU, Abdullah; OZTURK, Savas; Sipahioglu, Murat; Turkmen, Aydin; VORONEANU, Luminita; COVIC, Adrian; Kanbay, Mehmet (2015-04-01)
      IgA nephropathy (IgAN) is one of the world-s most common glomerular diseases. Hyperuricemia was recently defined as risk factor for chronic kidney disease. We aimed to investigate the impact of baseline serum uric acid ...
    • Lowering Uric Acid With Allopurinol Improves Insulin Resistance and Systemic Inflammation in Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia 

      TAKIR, Mumtaz; KOSTEK, Osman; OZKOK, Abdullah; Elcioglu, Omer Celal; BAKAN, Ali; EREK, Aybala; MUTLU, Hasan Huseyin; TELCI, Ozge; SEMERCI, Aysun; ODABAS, Ali Riza; AFSAR, Baris; SMITS, Gerard; ALANASPA, Miguel; SHARMA, Shailendra; JOHNSON, Richard J.; Kanbay, Mehmet (2015-12-01)
      Background Hyperuricemia is an independent predictor of impaired fasting glucose and type 2 diabetes, but whether it has a causal role in insulin resistance remains controversial. Here we tested the hypothesis that lowering ...
    • Renalase: Another puzzle piece between hypertension and simple renal cysts? 

      Elcioglu, Omer Celal; AFSAR, Baris; TAKIR, Mumtaz; TOPRAK, Aybala Erek; BAKAN, Ali; BAKAN, Sibel; KOSTEK, Osman; ORAL, Alihan; ERMAN, Hayriye; COVIC, Adrian; Kanbay, Mehmet (2015-07-01)
      Since renalase is mostly expressed in kidney tubules, simple renal cyst (SRC) originates from the kidney tubules, and both conditions are related to hypertension, it may be possible that SRC is associated with increased ...
    • Retrobulbar blood flow and carotid intima-media thickness alteration may relate to subclinic atherosclerosis in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases 

      KELES, Nursen; CALISKAN, Mustafa; AKSU, Feyza Ulusoy; KELES, Necibe Nur; KARAGOZ, Vildan; TEKIN, Ahmet Selami; AKCAKOYUN, Mustafa; KOSTEK, Osman; Elcioglu, Omer; Aung, Soe Moe; BAKAN, Ali; ODABAS, Ali Riza (2015-01-01)
      Objective: AA amyloidosis occurs in the setting of longstanding inflammation. An increased incidence of coronary artery disease (CAD) was noted in patients with chronic inflammatory disease (CID). Retrobulbar blood flow ...