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    • Facile Syntheses of 3-Hydroxyflavones 

      GUNDUZ, Simay; Goren, AHMET CEYHAN; OZTURK, Turan (2012-03-16)
      Modification of the present synthetic methods led to the syntheses of 3-hydroxyflavones in a shorter reaction time, with simple purification and higher yields. Application of the method provided the syntheses of 3HFs having ...
    • Validation of a GC-IDMS method for the metrologically traceable quantification of selected FAMEs in biodiesel 

      MORALES, Valle; Goren, AHMET CEYHAN; HELD, Andrea; BILSEL, Mine; GUNDUZ, Simay; YILMAZ, Hasibe (2015-10-01)
      Current methods for the analysis of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) in rapeseed oil-based biodiesel refer to operationally defined measurands, which is a practical solution for routine analysis. In this paper, a new method ...