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    • Mad honey intoxication mimicking acute coronary syndrome 

      Dur, Ali; Sogut, Ozgur; Vatankulu, Mehmet Akif; Turkdogan, Kenan Ahmet; Civelek, Cemil; SÖNMEZ, Ertan (2014-09-01)
      Mad honey intoxication or grayanotoxin poisoning is caused by consumption of grayanotoxin-containing toxic honey produced from leaves and flowers of the Rhododendron family. Despite the rarity of intoxication cases, the ...
    • Retrospective Analysis of the Patients Treated in the Emergency Intensive Care Unit of a University Hospital for a Year 

      Turkdogan, Kenan Ahmet; Sogut, Ozgur; Civelek, Cemil; Dur, Ali; Sonmez, Ertan; Gulen, Bedia; Ozkan, Abuzer; Yigit, Mehmet (2015-09-01)
      Aim: Failure in hospitalization of intensive care unit (ICU) patients, directly affect the emergency department processing and the clinics of the patients negatively. In this retrospective study, we analyzed patients ...