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    • Association of Clinical, Imaging, and Thrombus Characteristics With Recanalization of Visible Intracranial Occlusion in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke 

      Menon, Bijoy K.; Al-Ajlan, Fahad S.; Najm, Mohamed; Puig, Josep; Castellanos, Mar; Dowlatshahi, Dar; Calleja, Ana; Sohn, Sung-Il; Ahn, Seong H.; Poppe, Alex; Mikulik, Robert; Asdaghi, Negar; Field, Thalia S.; Jin, Albert; Asil, Talip; Boulanger, Jean-Martin; Smith, Eric E.; Coutts, Shelagh B.; Barber, Phil A.; Bal, Simerpreet; Subramanian, Suresh; Mishra, Sachin; Trivedi, Anurag; Dey, Sadanand; Eesa, Muneer; Sajobi, Tolulope; Goyal, Mayank; Hill, Michael D.; Demchuk, Andrew M. (2018-09-01)
      IMPORTANCE Recanalization of intracranial thrombus is associated with improved clinical outcome in patients with acute ischemic stroke. The association of intravenous alteplase treatment and thrombus characteristics with ...
    • Validation of an automated ASPECTS method on non-contrast computed tomography scans of acute ischemic stroke patients 

      Kuang, Hulin; Qiu, Wu; Najm, Mohamed; Dowlatshahi, Dar; Mikulik, Robert; Poppe, Alex Y.; Puig, Josep; Castellanos, Mar; Sohn, Sung; Ahn, Seong H.; Calleja, Ana; Jin, Albert; Asil, Talip; Asdaghi, Negar; Field, Thalia S.; Coutts, Shelagh; Hill, Michael D.; Demchuk, Andrew M.; Goyal, Mayank; Menon, Bijoy K. (2020-07-01)
      Background The Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECTS) is a systematic method of assessing the extent of early ischemic change on non-contrast computed tomography in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Our objective ...