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    • Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors Targeting Metabolism and Tumor Microenvironment 

      Angeli, Andrea; Carta, Fabrizio; Nocentini, Alessio; Winum, Jean-Yves; Zalubovskis, Raivis; AKDEMİR, ATİLLA; Onnis, Valentina; Eldehna, Wagdy M.; Capasso, Clemente; De Simone, Giuseppina; Monti, Simona Maria; Carradori, Simone; Donald, William A.; Dedhar, Shoukat; Supuran, Claudiu T. (2020-10-01)
      The tumor microenvironment is crucial for the growth of cancer cells, triggering particular biochemical and physiological changes, which frequently influence the outcome of anticancer therapies. The biochemical rationale ...
    • Five- and Six-Membered Nitrogen-Containing Compounds as Selective Carbonic Anhydrase Activators 

      Mollica, Adriano; Macedonio, Giorgia; Stefanucci, Azzurra; Carradori, Simone; Akdemir, ATİLLA; ANGELI, Andrea; Supuran, Claudiu T. (2017-12-01)
      It has been proven that specific isoforms of human carbonic anhydrase (hCA) are able to fine-tune physiological pathways connected to signal processing, and that decreased CAs expression negatively influences cognition, ...
    • New azolyl-derivatives as multitargeting agents against breast cancer and fungal infections: synthesis, biological evaluation and docking study 

      Carradori, Simone; Maccallini, Cristina; Amoroso, Rosa; Cataldi, Amelia; Fantacuzzi, Marialuigia; Giampietro, Letizia; De Filippis, Barbara; Ammazzalorso, Alessandra; AKDEMİR, ATİLLA; Sisto, Francesca; Gallorini, Marialucia (2021-01-01)
      Nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors (NSAIs) are well-established drugs for the therapy of breast cancer. However, they display some serious side effects, and their efficacy can be compromised by the development of chemoresistance. ...