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    • Bone Mineral Density and Osteoporosis in Hyponatremic Versus Normonatremic Patients: A Retrospective 12-Month Analysis 

      TAKIR, Mumtaz; BAKAN, Ali; TAHRA, Sema Taymaz; KOSTEK, Osman; EREK, Aybala; DURAN, Ilyas; BAKAN, Sibel; Elcioglu, Omer Celal; BAHAT, Kubra; ODABAS, Ali Riza; KANBAY, Mehmet (2017-01-01)
      OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the change in osteoporosis rate and bone mineral density (BMD) in a cohort hyponatremic versus normonatremic patients under 12-month osteoporosis treatment.
    • Renalase: Another puzzle piece between hypertension and simple renal cysts? 

      Elcioglu, Omer Celal; AFSAR, Baris; TAKIR, Mumtaz; TOPRAK, Aybala Erek; BAKAN, Ali; BAKAN, Sibel; KOSTEK, Osman; ORAL, Alihan; ERMAN, Hayriye; COVIC, Adrian; Kanbay, Mehmet (2015-07-01)
      Since renalase is mostly expressed in kidney tubules, simple renal cyst (SRC) originates from the kidney tubules, and both conditions are related to hypertension, it may be possible that SRC is associated with increased ...