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      Lazerler = Lasers [3]
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      LEBLEBİCİ İ. M. , Bozkurt S., Sever B., -Comparison of adhesion-preventing meshes in a rat model of incisional hernia in terms of intra-abdominal adhesions and other complications-, BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH-INDIA, cilt.25, ss.414-419, 2014 [1]
      Leflunomide [1]
      Left ventricular [1]
      left ventricular [1]
      Leiomyoma [1]
      Leishmaniasis [1]
      LEMES A. L. , AMADEU J. K. , Salazar C. B. , SCHUSSEL J. L. , Bakkal M., AMENÁBAR J. M. , -Effect of short-term mechanical stimulation on the salivary concentrations of vitamin C, vitamin E, total antioxidant capacity and total oxidant status-, SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL & LABORATORY INVESTIGATION, cilt.78, ss.556-559, 2018 [1]
      Leprosy [1]
      Letter [3]
      Levin A., Tonelli M., Bonventre J., Coresh J., Donner J., Fogo A. B. , Fox C. S. , Gansevoort R. T. , Heerspink H. J. L. , Jardine M., et al., -Global kidney health 2017 and beyond: a roadmap for closing gaps in care, research, and policy-, The Lancet, cilt.390, ss.1888-1917, 2017 [1]
      Lim W. C. , Khan A. M. , -Mapping HLA-A2,-A3 and-B7 supertype-restricted T-cell epitopes in the ebolavirus proteome-, BMC GENOMICS, cilt.19, 2018 [1]
      Linear Nevus Sebaceous Syndrome [1]
      Lipidler = Lipids [1]