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      facet degeneration [1]
      Facial estethics [1]
      facial prostheses [1]
      Factor structure [1]
      Fahri A., Metin D., Ahmet O., Sahabettin Ş., -Molecular cloning and characterization of NAD(+) dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase enzyme from Shewanella putrefaciens-, RESEARCH JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, cilt.16, sa.10, ss.78-86, 2021 [1]
      Familial atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) [1]
      Familial Mediterranean fever [1]
      FAN Y., WANG S., HERNANDEZ J., Yenigun V. B. , HERTLEIN G., FOGARTY C., LINDBLAD J., Bergmann A., -Genetic models of apoptosis-induced proliferation decipher activation of JNK and identify a requirement of EGFR signaling for tissue regenerative responses in Drosophila.-, PLoS genetics, cilt.10, 2014 [1]
      Farkas N., Hanák L., Mikó A., Bajor J., Sarlós P., Czimmer J., Vincze Á., Gódi S., Pécsi D., Varjú P., et al., -A Multicenter, International Cohort Analysis of 1435 Cases to Support Clinical Trial Design in Acute Pancreatitis.-, Frontiers in physiology, cilt.10, ss.1092, 2019 [1]
      Farkındalık = Awareness [1]
      Farmakogenetik = Pharmacogenetics [1]
      Farmakognozi [1]
      Farmakognozi = Pharmacognosy [5]
      Farmakognozi ve Doğal Ürünler Kimyası Anabilim Dalı [1]
      Farooqui A., Khan F., Khan I., Ansari I. A. , -Glycyrrhizin induces reactive oxygen species-dependent apoptosis and cell cycle arrest at G(0)/G(1) in HPV18(+) human cervical cancer HeLa cell line-, BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY, cilt.97, ss.752-764, 2018 [1]
      Fasya = Fascia [1]
      fat injections [1]
      fatigue [1]
      Fatty acid [1]
      Fatty liver [1]